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Emil Nava (Director) on the #ImInControl shoot - "Working with Aluna on ‘I'm In Control’ was an amazing experience with a lot of highs and lows. We shot in the Dominican Republic and the approach we took was to very much absorb ourselves in the country and the culture. It was a brutal but truly exciting shoot. Aluna was just such a pleasure to work with. This was our second time working together and I just love the way she gives 1000 percent. She was doing outfit changes in the back of vans and there was not one moment to stop. Me and Aluna have a lot of trust for each other so when we were in the most stressful of situations wether it was hanging out the top of an old convertible or running around some pretty dangerous streets we were totally in sync. I really feel this video is more than just a music video. We pushed as hard as we could and I really hope the world likes it”



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