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Harley and I were both on tour last year and stopped off in Oakland California where we decided to take the opportunity to get in the studio. We come from different ways of working so it was a challenge to navigate those different methods at first but theres something that has always appealed to me about Harley's writing and production and the idea of us working together. I came to him with a song that was about the loss of Amy Winehouse which as a whole was too deep for anyone and he listened and picked out the poignant moments of that piece. He built an abstract, emotional, dark, sonic bed around it that really described the depth of subject matter without exploiting it lyrically. A few months later we had another day off in London and decided to take one more crack at expanding the track which took it to a beautiful balance between something that has a vocal story but also drifts and meanders without structure which is a brave and interesting thing to do. Together we made Innocence featured on the new Flume album "Skin".



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